Apple Vision Pro VR


  • VR & AR Headset
  • Suitable For Entertainment
  • Micro‑OLED Display
  • Custom Prescription Lenses Lens
  • VoiceOver, Zoom, Color Filters, Hearing Device Support, Closed Captioning, Voice Control…
  • Prescription Glass Friendly
  • Micro‑OLED
  • Wi-Fi

KSh 699,999.00 KSh 740,000.00


Apple Vision Pro VR Headset Price in Kenya and Full Specs

Apple Vision Pro VR is a truly amazing product that delivers futuristic eye- and hand-tracking interface along with breathtaking 3D video and truly impressive AR apps. It’s also a magical way to extend your Mac.The  Vision Pro vr is an incredible piece of technology, with eye and hand tracking interface that puts the competition to shame.

Immersive Display:

  • Ditch traditional screens! Project content directly onto your retinas with advanced optics and sensors, offering a personalized, high-resolution view in a lightweight, comfortable design.

Spatial Computing Powerhouse:

  • Experience seamless interaction between the physical and digital worlds thanks to spatial computing technology. No more bulky headsets, just a natural blend of AR and reality.

Intuitive Controls:

  • Forget buttons and touchscreens. Utilize hand and eye tracking for natural interactions. Manipulate objects, navigate menus, and control apps with simple gestures and voice commands.

Performance Unleashed:

  • A custom-designed M2 chip and a dedicated R1 chip for sensor processing power this immersive experience. Expect smooth visuals, fast responses, and effortless interaction within the AR environment.

App Ecosystem Blossoms:

  • A dedicated VisionOS App Store awaits, featuring groundbreaking apps built specifically for AR. Existing iPad and iPhone apps can also adapt to the 3D space, expanding their potential.

Beyond Entertainment:

  • Vision Pro envisions more than just gaming and movies. Imagine collaborating in virtual workspaces, attending 3D meetings, or learning in immersive environments, pushing the boundaries of personal computing.

The Mystery Unfolds:

  • Pricing, release date, and specific functionalities remain under wraps, though leaks and announcements paint a promising picture.
  • Stay tuned for official information, as this headset has the potential to reshape how we interact with technology.


  • These specifications are based on rumors and leaks, and the final product might differ.
  • Pricing and target audience are still unclear.
  • Consider alternatives like Microsoft HoloLens 3 or Magic Leap 2 for comparisons.

Apple Vision Pro, with its groundbreaking AR vision, stands poised to transform our digital experiences. Its journey unfolds soon, and its impact on the future of computing remains to be seen.View Apple Products Here